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2023 came... and went!

2023 just flew by. I don't know if it is because I am getting old, but it really feels like the year went in a instant!

I had a rough start of the winter. I was hoping to be competing my first para alpine skiing season, but the international federation ruled that my disability was not eligible for classification. For Paralympic sport, no classification means no international competition. The pill was (and still is) very hard to swallow, taking a strong toll on my mental health. Thankfully, skiing didn't go anywhere and despite this big hit I was able to enjoy a winter on the snow.

Unfortunately, early April - during the last GS training of the season! - I broke my collarbone, resulting in a surgery and weeks of rest and rehab.

Looking back, this injury wasn't a bad things. It forced me to give ma brain and body 2 months of rest and motivated me to go back to physical and WCMX training with renewed enthusiasm. Objective: the World Championships in December.

The preparation went very well, and after a win at the German Open in Berlin, I flew to the Worlds with some confidence in my luggages. The week in La Quinta, California, went really well. With a Swiss team taking good care of me and a beatifull skatepark to ride.

The day of the contest, I learnt that we will be only 3 women competing. I then decided to also take part in the men's division as an open rider. It made for a full on day but for a lot of great emotions!

I won fairly easily the women competition, claiming my second World Champion title, and managed the incredible result of achieving the 4h best score with the men! I was over the moon that evening!!

Now I need some good rest before getting back on the skis and then preparing a 2024 year that looks pretty full for WCMX.


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