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What is WCMX?

WCMX means Wheelchair MotoCross. It is the handi version of freestyle BMX. It is also known as skating in a wheelchair. The idea is exactly this, using a wheelchair to have fun in a skatepark or in the street. The sport is rapidly growing worldwide and I am thankful to be part of this community.

My role with WCMX

I am first a WCMX rider. I love using my wheelchair to do tricks and to challenge myself.

However, I am also the first person to import this sport in Switzerland. I thus have the chance to introduce others to this activity. With the help of Swiss Wheelchair Sport, the sport is now official in Switzerland. It means that we have a national team and people can get help to try the sport and get equipment.

How it started for me

After my brain injury, I really wanted to get back to biking. To me, biking is a unique feeling I am craving. We tried different solutions for me to be able to ride again. But none worked (so far...). Every time I tried, my brain would be overloaded by the many inputs and I would end feeling extremely tired, sad and low.

However, one day I asked my friends if they would take me to the pump-track in my wheelchair. At the time, I had a horrible hospital chair and I wasn't particularly able to propel it by myself. But I HAD A LOT OF FUN! We laughed a lot and even if I was tired after, I wasn't sick or passing out. And I felt happy and proud. From there, I never stopped..

Why I love the sport

I thing WCMX is an amazing sport for many reasons. The first is of course that it is fun. But it is also one of the rare freestyle sport you can do in a wheelchair. It is also a rare discipline that kids, teenagers and adults can share with their friends. No need to go to an adaptive sport group; all you need is a skatepark and your friends to have a BMX, a skate, rollers, etc. The chair just becomes another wheelie steed. To me this is true inclusion.

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