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First win in 2015, a day in my life and a new partnership

After my trip to New Zealand, I felt the need for some rest, to recover from a mentally and physically intense period. I thus took a week off but had quickly to go back to work, both in the office and on the bike. My preparation is going well so far. I can feel the physical improvement and hope to be in a very good shape for the two Enduro World Series rounds that will take place end of May. Technically I am still looking for some speed, but some time spent on my downhill bike should help. Last week I therefor spend two days on Bad Wildbad (Germany) DH tracks to ride some timed runs. Except for a hard crash on Saturday that obliged me to stop the training, it was a good session and confidence is coming.

On my way back from Germany, I stopped in Belfort (France) for the 2nd round of the Cannondale Enduro Tour. Quite shaken by my crash the day before, I wasn’t very optimistic. As the format was blind riding, I chose a safe riding pace, but concentrating on keeping the flow. I have to say that I had a hard day, my body suffering from my previous crash. I was thus super happy to end with the best feminine time. The taste of a win is always good :)

I now have to make sure that my crash won’t have further consequences… and then go back to training. I plan two more days of downhill this week, before racing the cross-country Swiss Cup in Tesserete Sunday. After two years away from the national XC series, it might be a painful one. But hopefully fun too :D

Maybe you already asked yourself how my days might look like, especially when I am working. My colleague Mélanie followed me during 12 hours and summarizes the result in a pictured article:

Thank you Mél, for this and for your help every day :D

Finally, I am super happy to announce a new partnership with the timing company Freelap. I am particularly proud to work with them, their headquarter being less than 3km from my home. Their timing systems are adapted to many sports and disciplines and very easy to install and use. Transmitters place simply on the ground and a watch are enough to have precise timed sections. Perfect for training, improving or testing. I can only be faster!

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