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A complicated period

Right after my flight back from Canada, I was on the road again for a european Enduro and the Swiss DH championships. Unfortunately, things didn't go as I hoped. I struggled with the jet lag and felt tired. My riding was stiff and hesitant. I struggled to find speed. I was thus surprised to get a 2nd spot at the european Enduro and to finish 4th at the Swiss champs. These results are slightly below my wishes, but I am absolutely satisfied :) In order to find back some feelings on the bike, I spent many days on different DH tracks lately. The method seemed to work as my riding was more clean, light and relaxed, after every run. Unfortunately, last Friday, during a training in Champéry, my front wheel get stuck between two roots. I flied over the bar and crashed a few meters below. It costs me a broken nose and a damaged hand.. So I need to rest in the next days, but I hope to back on the bike for the last World Enduro in a month :) Besides this and on a more personal side, I handed out my Master Thesis. The oral defense next week is thus the only obstacle between me and an Engineer title.. Youhouuuuu!!
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