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CRANKWORX part I: Enduro

Whisthler... this place has something different. Here mountain bikers are not only welcome, everything is made for them. My three Canadian weeks looked thus good. They were magic! After a few days enjoying the bike park and the trails around, things get serious with the practice for the Enduro World Series. Four natural technical and steep stage of about 10min plus an easier but very long (30min) stage at the end. I feel great in the terrain from the beginning. I can ride the hardest lines without problem. My bike and my small size are perfect in the steep and I feel at home. The race day is a big one. 8 hours in total, 2400m of climb in brutal heat and 3700m of downhill. The four first stages are incredible. I ride inside my limits and have clean run without mistakes despite the tiredness. I get Top 5 in each stage and I am 4th before the last one. I decide to take this last long stage easy, in order to avoid being destroyed at mid way. Unfortunately, on such a physical and flatter stage, I should have pedalled harder. Especially with my small weight. I loose some time and end up with the 6th spot. It equals my best result in World Series which is incredible. But I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed not to get the Top 5..
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