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On the box at the 1st DH Swiss Cup

Last weekend, I raced the first round of the Swiss Downhill Cup, in Morgins. This was a good reason for me to get back on a DH bike, after three weeks focused on Enduro. Last year, I had a big crash on that track while jumping the first road gap. I had thus a revenge to take! Saturday, after a few runs to get use to my DH bike, good feelings were back. The track is great with jumps, Bike Park, wood and high-speed sections, but really physical for the upper body! I jump everything and find fun and flow on my bike. In the afternoon, I thus start the seeding run a bit tired from the (too) many runs I did, but really motivated. After a huge mistake in the first part that costs me some time, I find my concentration and seed 2nd. The goal is thus to gain a few second to try to win this Swiss Cup. Unfortunately, Sunday is harder for me. I am definitely feeling tired and crashes two times while trying a new line. I am lacking strength in the arms to ride properly my bike. I thus prepare myself for a clean but safe final run. I succeed in doing this…except from another big mistake. You need more to win a race! I thus finish this race in 2nd position. I am however really happy with my weekend and with the feelings I had on the bike. The objectives for the next weeks are clear: resting, strengthening my arms and work on my concentration :) I am thus going to have a few days off before starting the preparation for the French round of the Enduro World Series, which will take place in two weeks.
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