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Welcome to Scotland!

I don’t know where to start. The last days have been so great that I would like to tell everything in one shot! The trip started two weeks ago. I packed my bike and flied to Manchester to then drive to Scotland in a friend’s camper van…with a few stops to bike some trails of the north of England, of course! UK is a great country for bikers. You feel welcome and the trails are just perfect. When we arrived in Tweedlove valley, location of the second round of the Enduro World Series, the focus directly went on the national race I had decided to ride. For this UK Gravity Enduro, five stages had to be raced on Sunday and a seeding run takes place on Saturday evening. Unfortunately I hit badly a tree during practice a few hours before this first run. I was thus a bit out of my subject and only get the 5th time. On Sunday, the conditions were in my favour as Scottish rain settled. However I was still feeling my previous crash, and my riding was far from prefect. I could nevertheless get the second spot. Good way to increase the motivation for the World Enduro!
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