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Season opening in Sestri Levante

My season veritably started this weekend in Sestri Levante, for the first Italian cup (SuperEnduro Pro). My training partner Ismaël Muller nicely invited me in his camping-car and we thus drove to Italy in a mobile home. We arrived Thursday evening, and wanted to spend our Friday checking some stages. We knew that riding all of them wouldn’t possible in one day, but we didn’t expect to check only one stage (the last one) because of ceaseless rain.

I thus discovered the trails during the race. But what trails! Ligurian single tracks are just amazing with their rocky sections and exceptional grip. It was however difficult to compete with Italien riders in these “blind” conditions. The failure of my two derailleurs in the last stage ended my weekend. Luck will be for another time! My 5th place is anyway disappointing and I have to improve my riding before my first World Series in two months. But I could observe some technical and mental improvements, compare to last year, and I hope that they will be noticeable in two weeks, for the first European Enduro Series.

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