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Winter is done... Let's the season start!

Each year, the same feeling catches me: when the first race comes, I wonder where the winter has gone! And this year winter has been particularly short in Switzerland. The lack of snow was not of the taste of my cross-country skis, but prevented my bikes from layoffs. Aside the compulsory gym trainings, I thus spend time on the road bike, ski mountaineering, running but mainly biking. By night or during the day, on my XC bike, Enduro bike or on the DH track, fun was the magic word! I could even check that dry conditions still exist during a short training camp at Finale Ligure.

Saying that everything went easy in the past months would be wrong. Between the tiredness due to an intense 2013 season, my final Master exams and the beginning of my engineer internship, I’ve often struggled to recover. However, things improved in the last weeks and I have high hopes that my first races will finalize my mechanical and physiological set up, in order to be able to ride close to my abilities this year!

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