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"The future belongs to those who believe

in the beauty of their dreams" -Eleanor Roosvelt

I was a swiss Enduro and DH mountain bike rider, known as Pocket Rocket. I shared my time between riding and developing bikes, as an engineer for my main sponsor BMC. In July 2015, I crashed hard during an Enduro World Series. Unfortunately, it wasn't my first crash on the head and my brain didn't recover..


My life totally changed that day. I lost my sport, my independence and a big part of who I was. Since then I have to relearn how to live and to reinvent who I am. The process is not easy and is far from done. But through adaptive sports, I found a part of me that was missing. I started with WCMX (wheelchair motocross, understand wheelchair in a skatepark) and then learnt to sit ski. I am now also the proud owner of an adaptive mountain bike, allowing me to ride with my friends down singletracks again!


I even got to compete again, something my inner self seems to crave. In 2022, I won the WCMX World Championships, taking a long awaited world title.

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