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Help Lorraine pay for her rehab!

Since 2015 Lorraine has been fighting to live with the limitations, daily pain and discomfort from multiple brain injuries sustained while riding and racing her bike. It has changed her life beyond recognition, where even simple tasks are now a huge challenge. She needs our help.

Words by Tracy Moseley:

"Lorraine burst onto the Enduro World Series race scene in 2013. Her flamboyant style on the bike caught my attention straight away. For someone so small, she could throw her bike around and had a lot more style than most of us girls out there!!  She just looked good on her bike, maybe not always in control but always having maximum fun!

Lorraine just loved riding her bike, and the freedom and feelings that it gave her.  Having come from an XC background, she already had steely determination and mental strength and was quickly making a mark on the Enduro World Series rankings.  U23 Swiss XC Champion in 2011 then straight into the top 10 at the first ever EWS race in 2013.

Lorraine continued to improve at Enduro, never finishing out of the top 10 in 2014, and at the same time she was starting to have a go at a few downhill races!

I really got to know Lorraine in 2014 and saw a real potential in her and wanted to try and help her get onto the EWS podium in 2015. I began to help her with her training and trying to be a good mentor to her. Sadly Lorraine’s love for jumping, going fast and just generally pushing her limits often ended in crashing!


We all know that crashing is part of the game and a risk we take. Normally a bit of time for broken bones to recover and then we are back out there, pushing the limits again and again !

Lorraine had quite a number of hits to her head during the last 2/3 years and in July 2015 at an EWS race in France, another blow to the head, was one hit too many….

Ever since then Lorraine has been living with the injuries her brain has sustained and now 16 months on is still fighting to live without the daily pain and discomfort she now faces and learning to live with the disabilities her brain imposes on her.

Although Lorraine has received good medical support in Switzerland, treatment for Traumatic Brain injuries is still very much in the early stages and there is no fix, no timescale or magic exercise that will guarantee recovery or improvement.

Lorraine is now on a long journey where tiny improvements may take days, weeks or months.

There is still so little known about how best to treat her symptoms that Lorraine is travelling to the USA to under go more test and rehab treatment to see if a different approach can help her in some way.

Trips like this are not covered by her medical insurance and are very expensive. Lorraine may need multiple trips to help her progress and will ultimately be on a long costly journey on her way to ultimately getting her life back to daily life without pain in her head and maybe one day to get back on her bike….

I would love you as the MTB community, to get behind Lorraine and help support her in her journey to recovery…



Thank you very much for donating to Lorraine's fund! She improves week after week and it is thanks to your help! Recovery is a slow process, but Lorraine is walking along the good path.

In order to help Lorraine in the best way, an association was created. So please go on


to donate.

And don't forget that from a donation of 50CHF, you can get a myBrainmyRules t-shirt or mudguard! :)

Thank you very much,

Team myBrainmyRules

myBrainmyRules Association

Vérollys 50

1619 Les Paccots



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