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Racing results


My 2015 campagne had an abrupt end, after my crash in Samoëns. Since that day, competing can't be my focus anymore. I have to learn to live normally first. Then I will be back on a bike... and from there who knows what can happend!!! :D

2015, Enduro:


World Series :


  • New Zeland, Rotorua: 8e

  • Irland, Wicklow: 11e

  • Scotland, Peebles: 9e

  • France, Samoëns: 8e





  • CET Belfort: 1e

  • All Mountain Challenge: 1e

  • Enduro Jura: 2e

2015, Downhill:



Swiss Cup  : 


  • Morgins: 6e


Racing as privateer in 2014 wasn't easy. Organizing everything by myself, cooking, preparing my bike, training.. there were a lot of things to do. But it was a great experience and I had some strong results couppled with a lot of fun on my bike!



World Series :


  • Scotland, Tweetlove: 8e

  • Italy, La Thuile: 8e

  • Canada, Whistler: 6e



European Series  : 


  • Italy, Punta Ala: 1e

  • Switzerland, Flims: 5e

  • Autria, Reischenpass: 2e

  • Overall: 2e


National  Series  : 



  • Italy, Sestri Levante: 5e

  • Scotland, Innerlithen: 2e




Swiss Cup:


  • Morgins: 2e

  • Anzère: 5e

  • Swiss Champs: 4e





  • Garbonzo DH: 3e

  • Fox Air DH: 15e





My carrier took a big turn in 2013. After 10 years in cross-country, I changed for Enduro and DH. This means learning new disciplines...and this is not easy! I went through injury, pressure, disapointments...but also a lot of fun on the bike, incredibles trips and some good races :)



World Series :


8e   Punta Ala, ITA

17e Val d'Allos, FRA

13e Winter Park, USA

11e Whisler, CAN

6e   Val d'Isère, FRA

13e Finale, ITA



Other races  : 


6e  Specialized Enduro Series,

      Riva del Garda, ITA

5e  Métabief Open Enduro, FRA

1e  EquinoXX bike, SUI

1e  BMC ChauXmont Super D, SUI





4e   Homberg Race, Sui


4e   IXS European Cup, Châtel, FRA




In 2012, I had the chance to be part of the team BH SRSuntour and thus to be team mate with the olympic champion Julie Bresset. It was an incredible adventure. Unfortunately, my results in XC weren't so good and my allergic problems obliged me to give up many races. So in the second part of the season, I turned to Enduro..and that was good!!


World Cup           :


25e Houffalize, BEL

17e Val d'Isère, FRA

Swiss Cup     : 


13e Lugano

28e Solothurn

14e Davos

20e Muttenz

Other races      :


1e   French cup (XCE)

15e  Swiss Bike Trophy

5e   Swiss champs (U23)




1e   Enduro des Portes du Mercantour


1e   Enduro  de Giromagny


1e   ChauXmont Super D 




2011 was certainly one my best year on a cross-country bike. Swiss champion and 10th at the Worlds in Switerland...what else?

XCO, U23 Swiss Cup:



7e Schaan

6e Lugano


XCO U23 Championships:


Swiss  Champion

10th @ Worlds

13th @ Europeans

XCO, U23 World Cup:



12e  Val di Sole, ITA


In 2010, I was in my second U23 year. I was part of a local team and my season was made of XC Swiss Cup and World Cup races.

U23 Swiss Cup:


6e   Buchs

3e   Solothurn

3e   Plaffeien

3e   Flims

9e   Gränichen

8e   Muttenz

XCO, U23 World Cup:



16e   Houffalize, BEL

19e   Offenburg, GER

19e   Champéry, SUI

21e   Val di Sole, ITA

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