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Crash in Samoëns and forced time at home

Three weeks ago, Samoëns, France, welcomed the 4th round of the Enduro World Series. I was looking forward to this event, with two days of racing, some amazing steep tracks and all that less than 3 hours from home. Unfortunately, in the second to last stage, my head hit the ground..hard. A bit shaken, but mainly angry with myself I finished my run without too many further damages. Thank you adrenaline! Things got more complicated in the transition to the last run. Concussion symptoms were getting stronger and stronger. I went down the last stage more than I rode it, feeling lost and fighting the will to stop and just lay down. At the end, I managed to stay in the Top 10, with an incredible 8th spot considering my race.

The check up made since the race showed that the impact to my little head did some damages. I therefore have to stay away from my bikes for an undetermined period. No travel to Canada for me this year. It's not an easy situation to handle, even more as no time line can be defined. But I won't give up on anything and I am determined to come back rested and in the best shape of my life. I'll try to see the incoming weeks as an opportunity to train my mental and to increase my motivation. See you soon!

"Well you only know you've been high when you're feeling low"


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