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Great race in European Euduro Series

April 22, 2014

Punta Ala... This name sounds like history as it hosted the first ever Enduro World Series. I was thus exited to ride again on the trails of Toscana for the first round of the European Enduro Serie.


The event took place on two days: Training and Prologue on Saturday and Races on Sunday. The whole loop was more than 50km with about 1800m uphill, for 4 special stages. My legs had thus pedalled about 60km when I took the prologue start. It consisted in 4 minutes of pedalling and showed me that I still have to work to be really in good shape! Physical sections were also my main battle during Sunday race. Fortunately, I felt incredibly well in the technical parts. I simply enjoyed biking the rocky sections and turns and it allowed me to win precious seconds. I thus ended the weekend with a more than 1 minute lead.


This win is of course a great satisfaction and the great feeling I had on the bike is more than positive. The preparation for the Scottish World Series round (end of May) is now launched. The objective is simple: keep the good feelings on the bike and train hard to become fitter!

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